I wish I could spend more time with my family –Harry B

Nollywood actor-cum-television personality, Harry B Anyanwu, has dabbled into another career. He recently ventured into music, and guess what, he’s waxing strong.

In a new video, he shot with Slim Brown, Harry B, who turns 60 in October, is seen baring his hairy chest, while also making energetic moves. When Inside Nollywoodcaught up with the grey-haired veteran on the set of Ukwu Jiri Aji (Demonic Hip), where he plays the king of Ikoro Kingdom, he shed more lights on his new lifestyle.

“In the entertainment industry, everybody tries to carve out a niche for themselves. Back in the days, I used to have six-packs; that was when I was in the USA. Well, so sad now, I have only one pack. But I am not ashamed to flaunt it. It is my body; I have every right to flaunt it. That is my style. That is the concept in most of my new music videos, so fans should get used to seeing my bare, hairy chest. That is the Harry B way,” he said.

However, as a busy entertainer, Harry B has one regret; he wishes he could spend more time with his family members based in Enugu. “My family is used to me and my showbiz life. They know my kind of lifestyle, but they are not happy that I am not always home. They always miss me because I shuttle from one location to another. However, any little time I have, I spend with them. I’m here in Enugu now, so I’d be with them all through. I wish I could spend more quality time with my family,” he hinted.

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