An Economic Biafra Is Possible Today -Dr. A. Chinedu

The British Government has declared support for an Economic Biafra. According to Dr. A. Chinedu, a political analyst in Uk, he opined that an economic Biafra is very possible today.

“As far as I can see, no man can stop an economic Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has set in motion the process of restoration,” he said.

He called on Ndigbo all over the world to emulate Mr. Godwin Maduka who is a true son of Biafra with the will to provoke national patriotism among Biafrans.

“I call on the money bags in the states of the SOUTHEAST to with immediate effect, congregate to map out the modus Operandi and Modus Vivendi necessary to build a united wealthy Biafran State. A Biafra where all basic amenities are available and working.”  Let’s provide the needed leadership necessary to move the African Nation to the next level.

“Nigeria has failed Africa, Biafra must not repeat the same mistake, When we achieve an Economic Biafra, Political Biafra will be inevitable,” he said.

“Truly, we don’t need the federal government of Nigeria to achieve our dream United States Of Biafra”, enough of the jamboree, no more noise-making, let’s go out to Build the Biafra we conceived,  all we need now is the will to build our own Biafra where Justice, peace, equity, and love will be our guiding principle”.

“The civil service will work effectively ensuring that a very strong institution is built devoid of massive corruption”.

“Guess what? Biafra is here, nothing can stop it. When we achieve ECONOMIC BIAFRA, POLITICAL BIAFRA BECOMES A REALITY and then it will be too late to stop the movement of Jah People”, he said.

Dr. A.Chinedu writes from London

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