Aero Suspends Flight Service

In cognizance of the commendable efforts of the federal government to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria, Aero Contractors has suspended flight services in support of initiatives to ensure that there is no community infection in the country.

The company said in a statement that its decision is also in line with the decision of the Lagos State Government, which has prohibited any gathering that is more than 20 persons.

“Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 is a global threat to our humanity and considering its devastating effect on many countries where it has led to the death of thousands of people, we have decided to make this onerous sacrifice by suspending our flight operations for two weeks, effective Midnight 26th March 2020. After the two-week duration, we will review the progress made and take a decision on the resumption of operations.

“We, therefore, crave the understanding of our esteemed customers to recognize our decision as a responsible corporate citizen and our support for full government’s effort to protect our citizens,” the statement explained.

“We have also taken care of all the future schedules of our customers and will ensure that those who have booked flights with us will be taken to their destinations in our usual safe and efficient service”.

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