Stop The Blames And Tantrums, This Is Time For Action Says Nnenna

It is no longer news that the Corona Virus pandemic started in Wuhan, China. In the same way, it is certain that the virus is contracted via human to human.

That the World Health Organization (WHO) was wanting in handling the pandemic is a big concern. At the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic in Wuhan China only, WHO claimed it was not a human to human transmitted disease is a disastrous error which has led to the loss of thousands of lives, many infected and yet many more seemingly going to be infected by the pandemic. Nations economies are affected, sports are affected worldwide, social lives are affected, businesses are being destroyed and people are stranded all over the world. Fears and doubts about the ability of the Health Sector to handle and deal with the crisis is a concern.

Stop The Blames And Tantrums, This Is Time For Action Says Nnenna

Things wouldn’t have gotten to this stage if WHO performed its duty well. The organization was quick in finding a name for the disease than in identifying the mode of transmission. Doubts about their role in concealing the magnitude of the harm, the causes made people have doubts about their ability, transparency, and sincerity of the organization. Is it possible that armchair activities were done instead of thorough study and analysis of the virus, the mode of transmission, life span, and prognosis before the came up with dos and don’ts of the pandemic?

WHO created a situation for name-calling, accusations, and counter-accusations. The more we are focused on these the more lives are being lost. While Iran was busy blaming the USA and Israel the country left what to be done and are recording heavy casualties.

The USA is divided over actions. In the face of the pandemic, politicians are not looking at what should be the long term good for her citizens but are accusing and attacking each other. Nigeria waited too long to stop international movements knowing full well that they lack the wherewithal to handle any outbreak. China on her part has been acting irritable. They are bothered that people call it China virus or Chinese virus. China is too advanced to have let the pandemic escalate but were busy hiding facts instead of finding a solution (which is within their capacity).

The way the coronavirus disease has spread there may be strains of it that may defer treatment which may cause another in the near future. Scientists worldwide should put their heads together to find a lasting solution. a situation where Israel alleges they have found a vaccine but have their citizens catching the virus is worrisome. Senegal made a similar claim of developing a vaccine as cheap as $1 but have rather had an increase in infected cases. The USA President, Donald Trump has publicly said the combination of Azithromycin and Chloroquine cures the disease. I may be wrong but I think it’s not the responsibility of the president to speak on this supposed medical development. The health secretary or any senior health personnel should have addressed that.

There should be an end to all these claims and tantrums, rather active and extensive laboratory works to seek an end to the pandemic. Those infected should not be deliberately doing things that enable the spreading of the disease. We all owe each other the duty of preventing the sp

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