Al-Shabaab Terrorist Kills Somali Governor, Bodyguards In Suicide Car Blast (See Photos)

A Somali governor and three bodyguards were killed in a suicide attack claimed by the Al-Shabaab jihadist group in the regional capital of Galkayo on Sunday.

The Al-Shabaab terrorist rammed a scooter taxi into a car carrying Somali Governor and his security detail before detonating an explosive device.

According to reports, the attacker rammed a scooter taxi into the car carrying the governor of the north-central Mudug province, Ahmed Muse Nur, and his security detail, before detonating an explosive device.

Police captain Mohamed Osman, who confirmed the news, told Reuters that, “a suicide car bomb hit the governor’s car. Governor Ahmed Muse Nur and three of his bodyguards died,”

Mohamed Osman confirmed the toll of four and added: “There are other casualties but the details are still being investigated.”

In late March, the governor of Puntland, a neighbouring semi-autonomous province, was killed in similar circumstances.

Al-Shabaab, an Islamist militant group waging a deadly insurgency in Somalia, also claimed responsibility for that attack.

On Sunday, it posted a statement on a pro-Shabaab website that said:

“The governor of the apostate administration in the Mudug region was killed in a martyrdom operation in Galkayo today.”

Galkayo has been rocked by fighting between forces from both regions; and also by rival clans in the northern and southern parts of the town.

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