COVID-19: Why Igbos Don’t Die But Continues To Multiply Against All Odds

The strength of the Igbo Race is unequivocal the greatest advantage that has propelled him to become a force to reckon with the world over.

When you hear the shout of IGBO KWENU! You will immediately anticipate an answer despite the marginalization on all front in Nigeria.

In 1970, we were told it was a no victor no vanquished declaration. We put down our arms and left the trenches, with mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and fear, we headed to the houses we built, we were told they are ‘Abandoned Properties’, and have been shared as spoils of war.

With disappointment in our hearts, we headed to the banks, so we could withdraw our money and savings to salvage our lives, and we were handed only ‘20 pounds’.  It didn’t matter if you had millions in your account.
With a deep sense of despair, homeless and penniless, we went to reclaim our jobs and positions, we were turned away, as they had been filled up.

We were then homeless, penniless and jobless. Before long, we were greeted with ‘Indigenisation Policy’.
Government companies and assets were sold to the public, but we couldn’t afford to buy due to the ‘20 pounds’ policy.

We were still trying to figure out what was going on, there came the Quota system policy, Exclusive economic lists,

Federal character, states etc. We were cornered from every angle. Perhaps they didn’t know the futility of
burying us.

Like seeds, we have germinated and have grown stronger, bigger and better.

We are Ndi IGBO. We are children of the children of the most high God, we arise like the Sun, we will always rise.

We don’t die, we multiply. We spread our wings across the universe unchallenged!

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