Film Anatomie Set to Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry in Africa

Made in Nigeria film manufacturing company makes it debuts as the first made in Nigeria film equipment manufacturing company in the country.

One of the biggest challenges faced by a lot of creatives, content providers, film production studios and media houses in recent times is access to quality types of equipment reasons being that they are either too expensive or not readily available in the country.

This Film Anatomie says is a thing of the past as the company launches as the First made in Nigeria film equipments manufacturing company in the country by making affordable film equipment that meets the global standard

In the first phase of its launch the company is set to roll out products such as: Camera stabilization: Sliders, Jibs, Cranes, Dollies Motion control: Drones, robot arms, motorized and motion system

Others are equipment safety production like Waterproof bags, location trolleys, camera housing as well as studio construction.

In a statement by the company’s marketing/PR executive Mr Egwuo Emmanuel, “we saw the need to bridge the demand and supply chain gab in acquiring film production equipment here in Nigeria so we went all out to solve that by making these products locally and affordable thereby empowering creatives across the country and giving them one less thing to worry about”

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