How Kate Garraway Survived Car Crash As Tyre Blew Out

Kate Garraway has revealed how she almost had a car crash as she drove her kids for the first time without her husband Derek

The Good Morning Britain, 53, the host took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal the police had to come to her rescue after her tyre blew on the motorway while Darcey, 14, and Billy, It comes as Derek still remains in intensive care after he slowly wakes from his coma following his battle with coronavirus.

Kate shared a picture of her badly damaged tired alongside one of herself with the two police officers that came to her rescue.

She captioned the post: “Thanks to our amazing saviours Liz & Mark from @kentpoliceuk who rescued me after a full tyre blow out on the motorway!!!

“Never had one before – utterly terrifying.”

Kate said she was forced to call the police when AA was delayed in getting to her.

She continued: “Managed to keep control of the car but couldn’t get off motorway as no hard shoulder & when the AA said they couldn’t come for an hour, then rang after half an hour to say might still be an hour had no choice but to call the police.

“They were so brilliant and got us to safety and we are now on way home in the taxi, shaken but safe, tow truck on way to car.”

Kate then said she and her children are fine but would give a full update when she appears on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

She added: “It’s the first time have taken kids out without Derek too, but we are safe and will update you fully on @gmb with @benshephardofficial tomorrow from 6 a.m.”

Derek was admitted to intensive care in early April, having been admitted to hospital in March with coronavirus.

Doctors put him into a coma, with Kate revealing recently that he’d woken from the deeper coma into “a state of minimum consciousness.”

He remains in intensive care, and though his body is now free from the deadly bug, the damage done has been considerable.

Health complications now include diabetes and a hole in his heart, with Kate’s rep warning that Derek faces “a very slow and uncertain path” to recovery.

And while he remains in hospital, Kate and the kids have been able to speak to him as selfless NHS nurses hold up an iPad at his bedside.

“I really believe he can hear,” she told Hello!, “When medical staff say ‘Good morning Derek’, he sometimes opens his eyes.

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