Amazing Love: Worship In The House With Debbie Arddinnar (See Video)

Amazing Love with Debbie Arddinnar will be happening live on social media channels to celebrate the reopening of churches to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, she said.

According to Debbie, the song is a wake-up call to everyone in Nigeria and around the world to embrace the Love of God, the Amazing Love.

She said “the song was inspired when she thought about all the Lord has done in her life and family. She recalled how God took her from a lonely place of obscurity to a place of relevance, and purpose. “ I recalled a few years ago when everyone gave up on me, His Amazing Love found me, turned my nothingness into something Big.” She said.

She Said “Amazing Love is all about the grace of God in her life…For God so loved the world in an amazing way that He gave His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS CHRIST AS THE GIFT TO HUMANITY FOR SALVATION. God gave humanity His only Son, Jesus Christ to save you and me from eternal destruction.”

“This Album is dedicated to the Author of Amazing Love; The Lord God Almighty, the One Who Was, Who Is and Who Is to come. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He Is the IAM.”

“I believe in the power of Amazing Love, It will cause a change all over the world”. I’m calling on Nigerians to unite in love for the country and the brotherhood.” “We are one and should relate and respect each other as brothers and sisters. “We must stop the killings and the looting in high places. Nigeria belongs to all of us. Let’s do the right thing” She opined.

You can download the song He lives in worship here for free.

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