Government Cannot Dictate To Us How We Should Worship God In Church, We Cannot Wear A Mask To Worship God Says Chris Okotie

The Shepherd Superintendent of the Household of God Church, Rev. Chris Okotie has said his church will not reopen for service on Sunday, August 9, because they cannot wear a face mask to worship God during service.

Okotie in responding to the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s guideline on reopening of worship centres across the state last week.

The Lagos State governor had announced that religious centres in the state can reopen for worship beginning from August 7. While mosques are expected to resume service on Friday, August 7, churches are to resume for service on Sunday, August 9.

The governor indicated that both houses of worship will be allowed to conduct services only if they adhere strictly to the COVID-19 protocols which include wearing of face masks during service.

However, in a statement released today, Thursday, August 6, Okotie said his church which is based in Lagos, would not reopen for services. According to him, the wearing of masks or face shields is unacceptable during worship services as it defeats the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary.

“Citing various Bible references, the clergy said, for Christians to wear any type of mask or face shield to church, is to reintroduce the veil which was torn the moment Jesus died on the cross.

With the tearing of the veil, there is no longer separation between God and his people.

When a man is standing before God in church wearing a shield or mask, he is denying the finished work of the cross.” he said.

In his last allocution, Okotie expanded more perfectly to the congregation and the church universal on the things that pertain to eschatological dimension of the divine protocol.where he took the time to explain in details what it is that is going on with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more details, watch the video via this link: The  COVID-19 Conspiracy

You will recall that Chris Okotie rejected the Lagos state government laid down protocols for all religious leaders to follow.

This rule includes the compulsory use of face masks and the restriction of people below the age of 15 and above 65 years from the worship centres.

He said this negates the biblical principles upon which the church is founded, which is based on the finished work of Christ.

It is blasphemous infidelity to worship God with the covered mouth, he said.

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