Neymar Had ‘Hat Trick’ Of Misses In PSG’s Vs Atalanta First Half Champions League Semi Finals

“There’s no doubt he’s looked [like] the sharpest player on the pitch,” Carragher said. “Look at the three centre backs from Atalanta that play that man-marking system. I felt there would be huge changes.

“He has absolutely killed them outside the box … Massively lacking inside the box. I think he’s been fantastic to watch … He’s certainly got to deliver one or two goals.”

It was certainly a half to forget. Now, Neymar did look sharp, got into a great position and all, but it was the finishing that he still hasn’t encountered. Atalanta led 1-0 at the break, putting PSG on upset alert ahead of a vital second half.

You can watch the match on CBS All Access.

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