Okotie, A Fearless Leader Confronting The Status Quo

Rev. Chris Okotie, the Presiding Shepherd Superintendent of the Household of God Church, in an act of rare courage, has demonstrated what it truly means to be a leader by confronting the status quo on many fronts.

Here are accounts demonstrating that indeed, leadership should be by example.

Everything rises and fall on leadership just like we say that the anointing flows from top to bottom so it is for change to begin from top to bottom.

Just recently, when nobody could challenge the rationale behind masking of the face in Church, a place where the ultimate power of almighty God dwells, he stuck out his neck to challenge the status quo, reminding Christian faithful that our God, whom we serve cannot be approached in a masked face.

God who is the energizer of the body of Christ, the pantocratos, Him alone has the power to heal the world and cleanse the pandemic ravaging the world.

You will recall that Okotie rejected the new guidelines laid down by the Lagos state government in a bid for re-opening all religious centres across the state which placed a restriction on the mode of worship and compulsory use of face masks in the Churches.

He revealed that the “fulfilment of the Bible prophecy” against the church is already being played out and that rearranging the Church’s mode of worship is “to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration and the holy genuflects of the saints in light.”

He said, “What you are witnessing today across the globe is the abomination of desolation taking a giant step towards standing in the holy place”.

He further stated, “Fulfilment of bible prophecy is being accelerated by the forces of Janes and Jambres.

Okotie however, encourages believers all over the world to remain calm and steadfast, “Let no man’s heart be troubled by the vengeance of satanic antagonism”.

Just like Dagon, the god of the Philistines fell in obeisance before the Ark of God, Coronavirus the god of Secular Humanism will be decapitated in like manner.

He said “our doors will remain closed until these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven. Unto him shall the gathering of the people be”.

In a sermon titled, ‘The COVID-19 Mystery,’ posted on YouTube on Sunday, July 12, Okotie challenged the status quo by unmasking the American billionaire businessman, Bill Gates, as the COVID-19 protagonist allegedly being used by Satan to challenge God.

Okotie,  said the number, 10, was symbolic to COVID-19 and Gates fitted that pattern.

He also described the COVID-19 pandemic as the precursor to the coming of the anti-Christ to the world, saying it was why people had been asked to stay at home worldwide.

Okotie, however, posited that online church service was unbiblical and unacceptable to God.

He said, “There is a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we are seeing today”. “His name is Bill Gates, and he is the one that I am going to be referring to“.

In another circumstance, he put his life on the line for a church member whose house was under siege and he rescued the situation.

According to Bro. Anthony Okonta, “I was moved with tears when I heard the story of how he got a distress call from his secretary in the middle of the night that armed robbers had invaded her premises and that her life was in danger.

Like Christ the Great Sheperd of the sheep, he immediately took his gun, mobilised the church’s security, called the police and proceeded to rescue his secretary, laying down his life, that of the team with him and forgoing the relative comfort of his home.
That is the hallmark of a true and fearless leader.

Nor has the story been fully told of how in the dark days of this country’s history, following the betrayal of MKO and the struggle for the actualization of his mandate, Reverend Okotie took the risk to his life, standing for MKO, speaking boldly of the injustice done to him and negotiating his freedom with the Abacha government, not minding the fact that MKO is a Yoruba, a Muslim, and second in command in the Islamic grand council, namely, The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of Nigeria.

Did you know that when a member of his church and coincidentally a kinsman, reported to him, how he helped his brother who was fingered in the orkar coup escape the country, this Reverend gentleman rather than advise his kinsman to escape the country, patriotism, love for the country and his calling, overwhelmed him whereupon, he directed his kinsman to report himself to the police, knowing the full implication of that action?

What about the pressures from OBJ’s government, PDP, GEJ and all the carrots dangled at him aimed at getting him to join them, all of which offers, he turned down, risking all the attempts to rubbish his personality and his church?

Did he not speak against the leadership of CAN and it’s partisan and shameful hobnobbing with the GEJ’s administration?

Through his Church’s Annual GRACE programme, men and women, cutting across all strata of the society, not minding ethnic, religious, social and physical status have been recognized and honoured, particularly those whose contributions to the country, have not been recognized.

This multi-talented Reverend gentleman has written and composed songs from which he easily would have made so much money, but resisted the pressure to do so from producers and recording companies.

These are facts about this man, one of the most outstanding and fearless teachers of the Word of God in our country.

Reverend Christopher O Okotie is a great gift to Nigeria. He is an entrepreneur, a writer, an author, an inspiration to the youth, an excellent example of God’s grace; a man with a PAN- NIGERIA VISION, an enigma and one whose philanthropy is rare to find.

He appeals to Nigerians to remain steadfast as the time for their redemption draws near. like the phoenix, a new Nigeria will emerge sooner than anyone of you can emerge.

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