Just In: Reasons Why You Must Not Lose Your “Virginity” Before Marriage.

There are several reasons making people to become nonchalant about staying chaste in a relationship and we will take a look at three of such reasons today.

It is becoming rampant how a relationship never ends up in marriage these days. Many breakups and broken relationship have become such a way of life that most people don’t even take it seriously anymore.

However, to avoid story that touch, ladies must set boundaries and stay chaste until their Mr. Right arrives.

And if you must have your website browsed, let him wear a CD-Rom for a bit of protection.

You will agree with me that many people take their own life by committing suicide because he doesn’t want to marry her again, and which is not right though it is really heartbroken to be left by someone you truly loved with your whole heart.

Whereas some are always wondering what did I do? What is my offence? To deserve this punishment, that is why I will tell you 3 reasons why he might never want to marry as a wife anymore after being in a relationship with you for many years.

(1) First, if you gave him your virginity before marriage, then there is a chance that he might not want to marry you again because you had already given him your dignity as your bride without being married to him. So why does he have to rush to marry you?

(2) Whenever you visit him, you always copulate all the time. Then one day he will surely get tired of you because he had seen it all, so nothing more to enjoy after marriage. And he will surely leave you and find another woman when it is time for him to marry.

(3) If you had many abortions while dating him, that has damaged your womb and you can never give birth again. There is a chance for him to marry someone else since you are the one that can never give birth again. He will surely marry another woman.

The above-mentioned reasons must be guided jealously to avoid years of regrets.

Let me know what your views are on this, how should a relationship be while dating?

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