Biafra Will Be A Better Country Compared To Nigeria Says Onyema Enyichukwu

The actualisation Biafra is the best alternative to becoming an Igbo Nigeria president and this is the reasons here as explained by Mazi Onyema Enyichukwu.

It’s time we start seeing why and how Biafra will be a better state to Nigeria. These reasons are why Nigerians are still insisting not to let us have our independence. It’s obvious the zoo are afraid they won’t be able to survive as a country without Biafran

Biafra has been a state right before Nigeria. Biafrans are industrious and has found themselves leading top industries.

My Dad told me that despite how rich a Biafran was after Biafran war, the highest amount of Nigerian currency given to them was 20 pounds. My Dad went on to tell me that this was the reason most Biafrans went into business just to turn over the money and survive. My Dad personally went into selling garri just to ensure he lived since God saved him during the war.

But after 46 years, Biafrans are leading almost all the industries.

Biafra will be a better state off the zoo because we are leading the industries in the zoo-like;


In fact there would be no Nollywood if not for Biafrans like Ngozi Ezeonu, Pete Edochie, Mike Ezuruonye, Nonso Diobi, Mercy Johnson, Chioma Akpota, Ini Edo, Patience Ozokwo to mention but a few. Biafrans made Nollywood what it is today. Biafrans are reasons why Cinematography is excelling in the country with legends like Uche Jumbo, etc. Our movie Industry will stand above all other African nations


Highlife is the language of African music. Biafrans like Osadebe, Bright chimezie made zoo Nigerian music to have a name. What about afro-pop and all other genres of music? Don’t you think Donjazzy has helped souls? Don’t you think Flavour, Phyno, Inyanya, Harrysong, Tekno, P-Square, Mc Galaxy, etc are leading the industry?


Do I really need to talk on this? Are Ali Baba, Basket Mouth, Bovi, and all other Biafrans not the ones single-handedly leading the industry? In fact don’t you think they are the ones that discovered this industry?


The zoo claim they produce rice, but 2% of Nigerian market only feeds on the local rice produced by the zoo all because they are extremely poor. We still live on imported rice despite the fact they claim to have rice. Biafrans has palm oil that is able to feed two nations( Biafra and Nigeria), we have cassava, coffee, coconut, yam and other produce that will sustain our dear country Biafra as soon as UN grants us independence early this year.


I don’t also think any comment should be made here. Biafrans used an average of 20 Nigerian pounds individually to turn to billionaires just within 46 years. Many are business giants, other scholars and professionals in their fields of study, banging international awards and having best degrees across the world. Others are great entrepreneurs, dedicated farmers, creative footballers, entertainers ensuring they acquire as many wealth as possible legally.


Well, 90% of the Nigerian teams across all forms of sporting activities are Biafrans. It’s just too obvious that no form of argument should be raised on this because we Biafrans got the U-17 world cup that we also defended the last year 2015. It’s a truth the 1996 Olympics was won my quite a.number of Biafrans.

Natural Resources

Biafrans has oil, limestone, Tin, Coal, and quite a number of expensive mineral resources.

Now we have seen why Biafra will be a better state. These are why Nigerians are begging us not to leave them. They can’t stay without coal, oil, footballers, businessmen, actors and actresses, comedians, scholars, etc.

But we have been humiliated, neglected, sidelined, and killed despite the fact we are the reason a country called Nigeria still exits. We have nothing else to hope for, its time United Nations grants Biafra Independence so a man can start his godliness at home. Let’s come to our Biafra land and show the world an African State can be better than most First world countries. Join this hash tag on twitter, Facebook, Instagram  whatsapp etc if you see reasons why Biafra will be the best state in Africa. #UNfreeBiafra

We are the Federal Republic of Biafra

We are taking our independence by peace but if UN neglects us, we take it by force

We are better than Nigerians

Long live the Federal Republic of Biafra

Long live Igbo

Long live Efik

Long live Anang

Long live IJaw

Long live Ibibio

Long live Uhrobo

Long live Isoko

Long live Ogoni

Long live all Biafrans

The actualisation Biafra is the best thing that will happen to Ndi Igbo and not becoming an Igbo Nigeria president.

Therefore, Igbos must reject the carrot dangling to them now, join hands in unity and support Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to achieve the Biafra Dream this year.