Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Sponsors Of Fulani Bandits And Reasons Behind Niger State Bloody Attack

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu exposed the sponsors of Fulani Herdsmen, Fulani Bandits and the reason behind the bloody attack on a village in Niger State on Monday.

According to information obtained from the  IPOB Community Radio Network online, Kanu revealed that the attack on Niger State is a warning signal to all mankind living in Nigeria.

He warned the people of Kogi State to get ready for the next attack as they will not spare anyone until they overrun the entire country.

Nevertheless, Igboland is secured by our Volunteers and we will stop them forthwith he insists.

He warned all saboteurs and their sponsors betraying Biafra Land and Ndigbo, in general, to watch what will happen to them as their latter end will be worse than that of Judas Iscariot who betrayed our Master Jesus Christ.

Can you believe that all these things are going on and the ZOO media are busy talking about 2023 election?

They are in Enugu attacking unarmed IPOB but bandits are everywhere in Gagara killing people in Niger State.

I want this clip published on my page that the world may know what is going on.

The U.S and U.K ambassadors are in Enugu witnessing such killings and pillaging and they kept quiet.

I thank Elohim that they are now feeling the heat.

Only an idiot, only a compound fool will get up and start talking about the ZOO presidency. You people are evil.

A black person is an embodiment of evil.

You were there when this fools ganged up against Biafra, all of you were there and you did absolutely nothing, and today is the turn of Niger state.

Some of you are so daft, that I think God shouldn’t have created some of you.

What did those villagers do to deserve to be slaughtered like this?

They have taking over Niger state, their advance foot soldiers are coming, but you must appreciate our volunteers.

The only obstacle they have is IPOB, there is no other.

In a broad daylight, bandits are shooting and there was no sight of the Police, meanwhile, the police are in Enugu arresting somebody they shot with bullets in his body.

The reason why we have not witnessed what people are going through in Niger state is because of IPOB volunteer command.

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