See 3 Things That Cannot Be Accessible On The Google Search Engine That You Must Know

There are three things that cannot be found on the Google Search Engine, just as almost every information you need can be found in the Google search engine, however, in my quest for answers regarding somethings, I discovered there are basically, three things you cannot see by searching the google search engine.

These 3 words cannot be accessible, try as much as you can, you will not see the answers to these salient questions.

The Power of Your Mind

Even though Google is the biggest search engine company in the world, it’s mission is to assemble information in one place and make it accessible to people across the continents.

In this information age, Google has made life very easy and the world a better place to live by providing one-stop information back readily accessible from everywhere in the world. Hence, you can ask google for any information without cracking your brain, all you need is just ask Google and voolaah, your results appear.

Many people have developed and educated themselves through Google and everything you need as far as information is concerned, you can find from Google.

Nevertheless, the three things I discovered not to be found in Google is what we are going to discuss in this article.

1. Your health challenges cannot be resolved by Google. If you are having any health challenge, as a wise person, goggle should not be the best place to search for a solution.

This is so because most of the bloggers that published information on health in the goggle platform are not qualified doctors and doctors are not bloggers. So the best place to go to when you are sick is a hospital, there your health challenges can be resolved professionally without complications. when you have health challenges.

2.God your creator. When you want to know about God, His ways etc. Goggle is not the best place to go, if you want to know anything about God, grab a very good KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) Version of the Holy Bible.

There are many versions of translation but the KJV has to remain the most trusted translation of the Bible you can trust.

3. Wife, when looking for a life partner, searching google may be the wrong place to search. If you want to marry a good woman you cannot rely on google search engine. It is better to search in person or on other social media platforms. However, you carry out such assignment in the place of prayers and after you have prayed you to search out the desired woman in person.

The above is my personal opinion, you are free to do whatever you like because it is a free world. But remember that to succeed in life you will need these three components.

God the creator of the heavens and the earth is your makers and has a purpose for creating you, and every other thing on earth. However, it is your responsibility to discover that essence for coming to the earth. And once you discover the purpose, you must live to fulfil it.

To fulfil the purpose of your life, you must ensure you live a healthy lifestyle. You must eat healthy meals and keep a good relationship with all and sundry.

Nutritionists will tell you that you are what you eat. This means that your SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY must eat the right food to grow and stay healthy.

And to achieve all three, you must avoid toxic food, toxic relationship and toxic lifestyle.

To avoid toxic food, ensure you eat a healthy balanced diet. Junk Food must be a no-no for you, that is if you must live a healthy life. Yes, no excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.

Your soul needs good mental food, also known as mind food, hence you must read healthy books, watch inspiring movies and meditate on very good subjects. Above all read the Holy Bible as much as you can.

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