2023 Presidency: It’s Too Late To Make That Offer, Biafra Will Stand To Save Africa – Putin

The offering of the 2023 presidency to the Igbos in Nigeria is coming rather too late, This is due to the distrust between President Buhari led APC Federal Government and the people of South-Eastern Nigeria. 

Russian President V. Putin noted that men of the Nigerian Army unleashed mayhem on innocent defenceless youth in Aba, Enugu, and Owerri in recent time and nothing was done about it.

They have been involved in the massive killing of Igbos hence there is no trust between the two entities.

“ it’s too late to stop Biafra movement, we don’t want to be Nigerians anymore –Igbo youths

Igbo have been asked to be patient about the agitation for Biafra and focus rather on producing Nigeria’s President of Igbo extraction in 2023.

Prince Nice Kenechukwu Okwor, who made the call, said: “I am a professional accountant, certified industrialist, seasoned entrepreneur, a successful international capitalist and a practical politician.

“I believe that those agitating for a new State of Biafra have a genuine cause, but producing a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction should be the focus now.”

According to him, “the struggle is real, but I must plead with our people to be patient with the country. Let’s see if we can achieve our purpose by producing a President of Igbo extraction.

“Considering the fact that we have been through a lot in the past, we cannot afford to go with nothing. I urge that the Igbo be given a little chance to do what’s right.”

Okwor, who also reacted to an earlier publication that he is the son of a former deputy governor of Enugu State under C. C. Onoh, said it was an error, and that he was not related to the man.

He added: “There should be a structure that will create unity among ourselves. There should be equality in every aspect of our national inheritance from all angles.

“Again, I think the Igbo should be given an opportunity to head the country for once to balance the equation. And it must have to be a leader with integrity.

“Our leaders have their roles to play and the masses on their part have to be realistic about assisting the government to build a better Nigeria for all.”


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