Let Biafra Go Peacefully If You Cannot Restructure Nigeria, Ngozi Iweala Others Tells Buhari

Nigeria former Finance Minister and World bank director in Africa, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, has added her voice to the raging debate to restructure Nigeria or let countries demanding independence to go.

Dr. Iweala said that ” I believe Nigeria is ripe for total restructuring  and should be done as soon as possible and I believe President Buhari has every apparatus to the right thing or let those agitating to go in peace”

She noted that ” in the absence of total restructuring, Biafra and other ethnic groups interested in becoming a nation should be allowed to do so peacefully”.

“There is no need of wasting more blood by Armed bandits and criminal elements across the country where since 80% Nigeria are unemployed and poverty and insecurity devastating the Land”, she said.

“The South-East can become a Nation and trade with what they have, I believe Biafra will be the richest nation in Africa”.

According to Catty Zanaib, a popular entrepreneur magazine publisher in Kenya, who interviewed Ngozi Iweala in Nairobi, said that it will only take Iweala five years to make Biafra the richest Nation in Africa based on what she heard from her.

The support for the movement of Biafra has been on the rise lately as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra as world leaders including Trump, Israeli President, Russia President others has indicated their willingness to support the actualisation of Biafra.

US President, Donald Trump had on Friday during the head of states summit insisted that the Biafran Project will happen as the only solution to end Genocide in Nigeria come 2020.

Trump also, assured Ndigbo of total support until Biafra is achieved, noting that no amount of Killings or intimidation will not stop the IPOB movement.

Just as nothing can stop the sun from shinning, nothing, nobody can stop Biafra, the Land of the rising sun from shining forth.

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