Edo Election 2020: Edo No Be Lagos And The Sound Of Victory

Days after the Edo Election Victory, the term Edo No Be Lagos has taken a new twist in the minds of Nigerians across major cities.

Do you know that faraway Kano state celebrated Obaseki’s win in Edo state? Just a day after the election a song was released in celebration of the victory.

To many, it was not Obaseki that was being celebrated or the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP). It is a “victory for the will of the people”. The Edos “voted, guarded and defended their votes”.

   Edo Election 2020: Edo No Be Lagos And The Sound Of Victory

Ordinarily, Gov. Godwin Obaseki might not have been the popular choice, but for the involvements of questionable characters that see themselves as “godfathers, caterpillars and bulldozers of Nigeria politics”.

This infuriated the Edo People and gave birth to the slogan, “Edo no be Lagos”.

Besides the involvements of external powers, the masses are fed up with a government that is “clueless and insensitive” to the “plight” of her citizens.

Does one wonder why people from a state that is governed by the opposition party, All Progressive Congress (APC) would be glad about Obaseki’s win?

The answers are not farfetched.

There are 7 factors that made it very possible and these include:

  1. Increasing fuel pump price at a time people and organizations went under because of Covid19 crises.
  2. Hiking electricity tariff by 300%
  3. Massive insecurity
  4. Continuous invasion and killings of indigenous Nigerians by terrorists and herdsmen.
  5. Massive corruption by a government that claimed they are coming to end corruption.
  6. Increasing poverty.

The country is being divided religiously and regionally more than ever.

Nigeria is on the brink of secession because of bad government and it’s governance.

Just to mention a few things, these are enough to invoke people’s revolt against any government.

The Ondo State election is around the corner, will the Peoples’ Vote Count? Or will it be business as usual?

These and other salient questions are begging for answers and indeed, Edo No Be Lagos.

Ahiweh V.N. Wrote from Lagos


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