Nnamdi Kanu Set To Defend Biafra Proposal Ahead of EU Parliament Appointment On October 10

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is set to defend Biafra proposal ahead of the European Union Parliament meeting in October.

Kanu is expected to extend an invitation to the EU to participate in some of the grey areas bothering on social good for all residents in Biafra land.

According to information obtained on his official Facebook page, as retrieved by Scannews 24 on late Monday 28, the IPOB leader expressed enthusiasm over the invitation, as he accepted to attend.

Nnamdi Kanu will cover lectures on educating the parliamentarians the burning issue of IPOB agitation and meaning of the new Biafra.

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He, therefore, urged the IPOB family unit in Europe to prepare for the historic event as they will accompany him to European Parliament Building, Brussels, Belgium.

The post reads: “I have graciously accepted the invitation of a few members of the European Parliament to address the burning issue of IPOB and Biafra restoration.

Mazi Kanu thanked every supporter of the group, and said, “hopefully, we will publish details of the meeting here as God permits., God bless you all for having faith in what we are doing through IPOB”.

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