Nothing Can Be Truer Than This (See the God-factor in everything)

The narratives before us resonate with the God-factor in everything we do as we can relate with Dr. Tenny O. Egwuatu, whose observation has captured the essence of our being in this article.

Dr. (Mrs.) Tenny Egwuatu

We have become so educated, civilized or sophisticated that when we talk about God or present HIM in anything we do we are labelled religious bigots! Some may even term it as being intolerant!

Truth be said, everything about this life is ALL about HIM. You can’t exhaust the importance or HIS role in our basic life. It is in GOD we live, move and have our being and if we draw closer to HIM and seek HIM in whatever we do, HE will show us great and mighty things we will never have imagined.

America, many are killing themselves to run to, minus me ooo didn’t just become great overnight, their forefathers built that nation on the tenets of Almighty God (read the book: “In God, we still trust” for more information).

Awka Etiti used to be one of the greatest towns in the East in the early days (can’t speak of now) because our late King, Igwe Ezenwosû accepted Christ and dedicated our town to God through the help of a lady missionary by the name Mary and her husband hence the St Mary’s Anglican Church named after her(read the brief history of St Mary Magdalene Church, Awka Etiti 1904-1996, a book published by Engineer Chukwudî E. Nzewi for St. Mary’ Anglican Church for more information).

Right now, prayers are going round all around the states of USA by many Evangelicals. I can’t count many of them I know of. Billy Graham was known for holding open door crusades calling men and women to accept Christ now his son, Franklin is walking in his big shoe by going round all the States holding prayers before elections. He started it with Donald Trump when he saw how things were going and this year because of the so-called COVID-19 he could only hold it in the capital city of Washington DC on the 25th and 26th September last month.

What do we have in Nigeria? Church leaders who were eager to open Churches with the NCDC guidelines given to them that negate our Christian principles on our mode of worship to our God.

 The question on the lips of many today is, where will the healing start from for this land? Where will redemption come from?

I’m saddened by the happenings in this land yet I love my country! I can’t trade it for another. My husband and I have suffered our bouts in the hands of those who feel they have the muscles to pull the strings on us YET we are resolute because despite the injustices, despite their wickedness upon us, God is still prospering us! They have given me MORE reasons to hold on to this great and FAITHFUL God!

Finally, the Bible says “if MY people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Indeed, nothing can be truer than this, as the Church in Nigeria is in a comatose state and needs revival or reawakening! Till my Church opens, I’m still at home praying and lifting my country in prayers!

May God remember this Land and frustrate the handiwork of our evil leaders in Jesus’ name. Amen

Happy jubilee celebration Nigeria!

Dr. Tenny O. Egwuatu wrote from Lagos and can be contacted via this channel view.

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