Twitter Go Gaga As Trump Announced He Has Contacted The Coronavirus

Few Hours after senior White House adviser, Hope Hicks was confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus, US President Trump confirmed via his Twitter handle that he and his First Lady Melania Trump are also now among the 7.31 million Americans who have tested positive.Hicks travelled on Air Force One with the president and other senior staff on Wednesday. After news of her positive test broke, Trump suggested without evidence that the virus had been transmitted to Hicks during hugs from law enforcement or military personnel.twitter-go-gaga-as-trump-announced-he-has-contacted-the-coronavirus

Trump is not the first world leader to test positive for the virus — fellow authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Monaco’s Prince Alfred II have all been confirmed to have been infected with the illness. Johnson spent time in intensive care and his team prepared contingency plans in the case the PM did not survive.

But, along with Bolsonaro, Trump is one of the leaders who has publicly expressed scepticism about the virus’ severity. He has also repeatedly resisted taking precautions such as wearing a face mask, and as recently as this week mocked his Democratic opponent in the presidential race, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask.

In March, tapes of interviews with famed journalist Bob Woodward revealed that Trump knew that COVID-19 was more serious than his public statements suggested and that by his own admission he was “play[ing] it down” to avoid “panic.” In late September, he told a crowded campaign rally the virus “affects virtually nobody.”

Trump says he and the First Lady are in quarantine, beginning “immediately.”

UPDATE: Oct. 2, 2020, 3:49 p.m. AEST Melania Trump has tweeted that she and the president are “feeling good.”

You will recall that President Trump’s tweet came in the middle of the night on the East Coast, and there are unlikely to be any further developments until the morning, meaning that Twitter is obviously rife with speculation, conspiracy theories, and memes of various taste levels.

There’s also no shortage of attempts to game out the next few weeks, as though literally anybody has any idea what happens when a sitting president contracts a potentially deadly virus 35 days out from a presidential election he’s actively trying to undermine while behind in the polls.

And understandably, given the anger and grief across a nation that’s been devastated by a catastrophically incompetent federal response to a pandemic and that president’s months of downplaying its severity a wave of schadenfreude that can probably be seen from space swept across the platform in minutes. It was chased by feebler calls for the very civility and generosity of spirit Trump himself has failed to display for the 208,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID so far.

Anyway, literally nobody knows how to process this right now, so here are some tweets about it.

Replying to


Legit question for Trump supporters – How do I kill 30-50 COVID viruses that jump into my lungs within 3-4 mins at the rally?
big 30-50 hogs energy on twitter tonight
The Trump brand no doubts is strong enough to maintain the current momentum in the political space.
And with the news of President’s Trumps testing positive to the COVID-19, the coming days is expected to take a new dimension with regards to the presidential race next month.
President Donald Trump, who has Covid-19 and was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, is “doing very well” and has not required any supplemental oxygen, his physician said Friday night.
Many believe the most powerful president in the world will rise above the news into the election as soon as he comes out of quarantine in 14 days time as his Fans across the globe wish him quick recovery.

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