Don’t Compare Nigeria With Saudi Arabia, Others, IPOB Warns Buhari

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has condemned in strong terms the president Buhari’s comparison of petroleum pump price with Saudi Arabia and other neighbouring countries.

The IPOB leader said in his reaction to a statement by the President during the country’s 60th independence anniversary speech on Thursday rebuked Buhari for making such a statement when Buhari said the price of petrol per litre in the Asian country was more than the amount it was being sold in Nigeria.

Kanu Said “there is no basis of comparison with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Niger Ghana and other countries because all the nations mentioned in the speech by the Nigerian President are not as rich as Nigeria but yet they take care of their citizens better than the Nigeria government”.

He further queried,” Why are you comparing Nigeria’s Pump Price with these nations, he queried? Do You know how much their minimum wage is? Are you not aware that countries like Saudi Arabia pay about $4000 monthly allowance to citizens?

Sit-At-Home Order: Our Voice Has Been Heard In Clear Terms – Nnamdi Kanu

The number one question on the lips of disheartened youths is “how can you compare our Oil Pump Price with Saudi Arabia?

An angry Nigerian identified as Ibrahim Musa questioned Mr. President and said, “have you considered their minimum wage? Even the poorest of the countries mentioned by Mr. President earns more with regards to their minimum Wage and infrastructural development.

He went on to remind the President and the APC government that “We have no electricity, no portable drinking water in many cities in the north, and some part of the west. How can he justify the increase at a time like this, he queried?

It is very easy to compare our pump price with other nations but you can’t compare our minimum wage with other nations. What a high level of hypocrisy and insensitivity queried?

These increments are uncalled for especially when many Nigerians are hungry, and without jobs, the majority are angry and sad as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Meanwhile, Several Nigerians swopped on social media to vent their opinion on the federal government lack of patriotism towards the nation, our nation Nigeria.

Reacting to Buhari’s comparison, Nigerians urged the President not to only compare oil prices but also compare minimum wage and development in Saudi Arabia and other nations.

Below are some of the reaction from across Nigeria, “The analysis is 100 per cent correct. It is pertinent to also note the economic competence and strength of these aforementioned countries. The unemployment rate in Saudi is not as bad compared to the hike in Nigeria. Or should we talk about the minimum wage? It is wrong comparing oil price,” @akiyaks tweeted.

@MadukaGodwin2 said, “This country you mentioned, you did not mention how they have a steady power supply, standard and modern infrastructure. All we do is the up boost of poverty in Nigeria. I still believe in my country. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.”

@TosinOlugbenga wrote, “Mr President, should we list other things that don’t make sense also happening in Nigeria and not in other countries. Do you know Nigerians are being kidnapped daily by both civil criminals and police criminals? Does the cost of governance make sense in Nigeria?”

@pappy_omada said, “True Mr President, but do we have and share the same standard of living with the aforementioned countries?”

@Official_munier tweeted, “How can you compare Egypt, Saudi Arabia with the current situation we are facing in Nigeria. We have a higher rate of unemployment, terrorism, insecurity and just recently a governor’s convoy was attacked. People are living in their villages because of insecurity. They can’t farm, most of them can’t ever find their family. Look at the situation we are facing from your state, Katsina.”

@ade_wonu_ola tweeted, “If we’re comparing oil prices, then we should be comparing everything. We’re talking minimum wage, education, in fact, life. This increase is not helping the average Nigerian (especially the poor), sir. You should do something that will make life better for the masses, not this.”

@Musashuwa84 said, “Compare us with them in terms of development and economy, not in petrol price. These countries that you mentioned are richer, developed than us. Even if they sell it more than this, they will still make it. But citizens are suffering and feeding on hand to mouth.”

Minimum Wage for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a government-mandated minimum wage, and no worker in Saudi Arabia can be paid less then this mandatory minimum rate of pay. Employers in Saudi Arabia who fail to pay the Minimum Wage may be subject to punishment by Saudi Arabia’s government.

What is the Saudi Arabia Minimum Wage?

Saudi Arabia’s Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work. Most countries have a nation-wide minimum wage that all workers must be paid.

While Saudi Arabia has no official minimum wage for the private sector, the public sector has a minimum rate of 3,000 Saudi riyals. which is over N300,000, Saudi Arabia’s minimum wage was last changed in 2-Feb-2013.

How does Saudi Arabia’s minimum wage compare to the minimum wage in other countries?

Saudi Arabia’s yearly minimum wage is $7,585.00 in International Currency. International Currency is a measure of currency based on the value of the United States dollar in 2009. There are 25 countries with a higher Minimum Wage than Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia is in the top 13 per cent of all countries based on the yearly minimum wage rate.

To make matters worst, some of the state government are yet to pay the agreed N30,000 minimum wage while prices of commodities have increased astronomically.

Kanu concludes by saying, “anyways, I believe the only credible alternative to Nigeria is Biafra, I can see that everyone here lacks wisdom, just like in the animal kingdom. he said.

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