Radio Biafra Will Cure Ignorance In Nigerians Says Nnamdi Kanu Kanu Tells Buhari

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has announced that his popular Radio Biafra will cure the ignorance that pervades the Nigerian republic.

Kanu said “This madness must stop forthwith and nothing will stop it” How do you explain the docility of Nigerians, he asked?.

Can you beat a child and stop him or her from crying?

The answer is capital No, but Nigerians have been flogged, beaten and wounded by severe hardship, death and yet they cannot demonstrate against this evil befalling the entire Land.”

“They are compelled to pretend that all is well, that is a disease of Ignorance and  Madness”, I have the Cure and very soon I will cause a shift from insanity to sanity”

The communications minister informed the press that 106 of 320 frequencies were uncovered as illegal through an investigation that was conducted across the Northeast, Northwest, North-Central, Southwest and South-South.

The IPOB leader in response to the Minister, said: “I am very glad to let you know that it will work in people’s favour”. Hurry up with the procurement and installations of the gadgets so that I will show our people how to use it for the benefit of all” he said.

This is so because Radio Biafra is managed by IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, and it

is one of the most popular stations in the southeast region of the country and within the next 2 years transmit across the length and breadth of this country.

“Well, in Nigeria, ignorance is the biggest disease plaguing the entire citizens with the exception of Biafrans who are the leading light in the entire Black Race in Africa”.

Our Radio Biafra will cure the disease called ignorance from Nigerian as soon as we begin transmission across the 36 states of the nation within the next 2years.

You cannot continue to deceive the people anymore” I will flood the airwaves with knowledge like never before until all the dead almajiri minds resurrect again to demand a fair share of what you have stolen from them”, he insists.

Kanu said Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari approved N654 million to combat illegal radio transmission across the South-East, with his administration declaring such practices as a major threat to national security.

The president chaired today’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting where the decision was taken following a presentation from communications and digital economy

The fund was released to procure and deploy a hybrid spectrum monitoring system that will cover the southern part of the country, most importantly the South-East.

He advised the federal government to learn how to be proactive and stop been reactive, “It’s too late to stop the movement of Jah People, Radio Biafra will cure the diseases you inflicted on Nigerians since 1960, yes Ignorance is the worst disease any man can have” Its; total madness and I will cure it.”

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