20 Money Making Ideas For Students & Graduates In Nigeria

Today we present to you an important piece of information, tips that would be of tremendous benefit to Nigerian undergraduates and maybe graduates that are yet to have good Jobs. I call it the Money Making Ideas!
Below we list out some business ideas any student in school or graduate can start to make money in this current economy.
Many of the ideas mentioned below are popular but some people may be hesitant to want to go into them so below we give you a couple of reasons why you should try them out.
Many parents who work full-time require the services of expert tutors who can help their kids with difficult subjects at school and also help them with their homework while they at work.
If you are looking for tutors you should also be looking into a level chemistry tuition to help with any cost you may have.
There are two ways through which you can handle tutoring as a student. The first way is to do it online. There are many websites that you can register on to become an online tutor and make money during your spare time at school.
The other way is to search for parents that you can advertise your services to, so that you can schedule a time to visit their homes and teach their kids.
Photocopying/Printing Services
These are two administrations that go together and is particularly requested for in school ranges.
In a school of more than 30,000 students and diverse speakers in various areas, you are certain to be fruitful on the off chance that you set up in a suitable area a photocopy and printing shop where you can offer assistance to the individuals who need this service.
Numerous students and teachers use printing and photocopy benefits frequently so you are certain of making your business daily. The real capital required for this business will be the acquirement of the materials for the photocopy printing machines.
Pop Corn Business
I have seen individuals who are effective in this business and that is the reason I am adding it to the rundown. You can begin bundling popcorns into fixed nylons while putting your names into it.
From that point, you can liaise with stores and shops around you to supply them your popcorns at a cheaper cost.
You can make research on how you can add exceptional taste and impacts to your popcorn to make individuals belittle it more for quality.
Blogging/Article Writing
If you can adapt your blogs with the great substance you will most likely get paid great money by google.
I know of a top blogger in my school who got his ride by means of blogging returns even before his fourth year at the University.
You can hold tutorials for interested students in your schools and make cool money from it.
Simply locate a suitable area and an accomplice that can go along with you in preparing individuals to have the learning of valuable lessons both in their particular courses of study and extracurricular courses
Barbing and Hair Dressing Saloons and Makeup Artist
It is an exceptionally lucrative pay creating a business while in school grills you will have such a large number of students belittling you as a student hairstylist.
Envision you had only 30 costumers who visit your saloon to trim hairs daily, that is more than 5k every day. In a month you will acquire twice what a banker earns in a month.
Resturant /Food Vending Business
Cooking and selling food is another sure money making idea anyone with good cooking skills can utilise to make extra money as a student.
All you need to do is to be creative about your craft. Its either you design your menu to suit the needs of the students and lecturers you intend to serve  or you serve on demand. The secret to succeeding at this business is proper preparation of delicious and affordable meals.
Sports training
If there are any particular sports you are good at, you can think of becoming a sports trainer.  I remember that when I was in the university we used to have fitness clubs organized by students and to join such clubs, you had to pay a token as membership fees. The organizers made sizable amounts of money for themselves doing this alone.
Graphic design
Graphic design is huge right now especially because of the high percentage of people creating new websites.
Web designers need graphic designers to help them create banners, logos and other similar materials to use to make their websites beautiful.
There is also a vast number of opportunities offline that graphic designers can tap into including designing logos, business cards, brochures and business cards for various small and large organizations.
Freelance writing
Another business idea for a Nigerian student is to become a freelance writer. You can find a lot of freelance writing jobs on websites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, Fiverr and other micro-job websites.
Is there a topic you are passionate about? Or would you like other people to read of your experiences as a Nigerian Student?
You can make a lot of money from blogging about diverse topics you love and the good thing is you can start this business without a kobo. All you need is your laptop and access to the internet.
This is a good idea for female students. You can help your fellow female students to make their hair and charge them a token for it. You can choose to do this on weekends only to avoid undue interference with your academic work.
Event planning
Event planning is another easy business you can do as a student especially since most events fall during the weekend when there is little or no school work to be done.
Pet breeding
Another great business that can make you a student millionaire in no time is pet breeding.
Imported dog breeds like Alsatians, Rottweilers and German Shepherds are some of the pets in very high demand in the Nigerian market.
You can also make money from helping other students to sew and mend their clothes.
Web design/Programming
Lastly, you should consider becoming a web designer. Although you may need to spend some time learning the skills but as soon as you grasp the skills, there is no limit to what you can earn from web designing even as a student.
Many students engage the service of a photographer these days, although some prefer to use their mobile phones for such purpose, others will always prefer to print a copy or more photos of memorable events in school. To make money with this idea, get a good camera and smile your way to the bank everyday. So much money to be made with this idea because, on a daily basis, students celebrate birthdays and other sundry events that require documenting.
In case you own a car, you can convert it to a money-making machine. This you can do by using your spare time to transport fellow students from location A to  B while charging a fee for the service you render with your car. And to make more money you can register your Car with some Car hailing services such as UBER, TAXIFY etc, and you drive your way to the bank. Make money with your car and thank me later.
We hope you find these ideas very helpful, for more information contact us via email dovequestmandate@gmail.com

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