Get Ready For A New Nigeria – Experts

The world waits quietly, tempers are boiling, and increasingly, the numbers of protesters in the streets are swelling.

The US election has gotten the world’s attention, but not of the violent volcano that is threatening to spill its lava on every moving thing in Nigeria.

The government has made concessions, but the demand for the restive youths seems to be never-ending.

No one seems to know what his neighbour wants anymore.

‘ We told you ‘, many are saying to the political class. They never believed in their hearts that the people could spontaneously work together someday.

Now we have a revolution on our hands. A headless movement if you will. Utterly disorganized but focused and united against the ruling class.

The tail of the protesting crowd is ever getting longer by the day and in desperation, the government is contemplating sending soldiers to the streets anytime soon.

Heavenly Father, how did we get here? When we opted for democracy, it was influenced by the hope of accountability and a better tomorrow. The military was too corrupt we told ourselves.
So we elected with our votes those who were supposed to represent us and protect our interest. But sometimes we ask ourselves if we really elected them. They parade themselves like emperors and make slaves of the people that voted for them.

Today, we have found ourselves at a crossroads. Those who rejected restructuring have made the birth of a revolution imminent. But how do we survive this as a nation?

Our bonding tread was already weak. It is has been impossible for us to speak with one voice for a while now. No one has been genuinely sincere to his neighbour.

With the speed of lightning, the central bank has traced the source of financing for the protesters. But for years, Boko Haram has been financed by ‘ spirits ‘ I guess.

If only our leaders have shown honesty in fighting corruption, if only our system of government hadn’t been one of the most expensive in the world, if elections have really been free and fair and our democracy a representative democracy.

Perhaps, we wouldn’t have found ourselves here. Nigeria needs prayers, but those who occupy the seat of power have consistently paid a deaf ear to the sufferings of the people, all in the spirit of ‘ nothing dey happen ‘.

The question on the lips of everyone is ” can Nigeria survive a revolution ”? Especially now that inflation and the suffering of the masses seem to be at the optimal. Only time will tell what will become of Nigeria after this ‘ revolution ‘.

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