BREAKING: Trump In An Early Lead, Takes Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee

Donald Trump as at the time of filing this report is in an early lead in the poll as he takes major votes from Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee respectively.

The spotlight is on the race for the White House between President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term, and his rival, veteran Democrat Joe Biden.

Just before the election day, Donald Trump addressed supporters in Virginia, hoping that his teeming supporters across the States will vote for his re-election as he will watch results come in from the White House. Biden made last-minute stops in Pennsylvania and will spend the night at home in Delaware.

With results coming in from eastern and central US, no battleground states have been called yet, with all eyes on Florida

Early voting surged to levels never before seen in US elections, just over 101 million early votes have been cast either in person or by mail.

Final results are expected to be announced today to determine who will lead America in the next four years. Trump or Biden?

The Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Republican voters are taking the advantage over Democrats in several counties throughout the state. One of America’s Caitlin Sinclair was in the battleground state and has an exclusive interview with the governor.

@disqus_LeTWecfM4L revealed that Florida already voted for Trump!

And even foreigners are changing their minds, too, as reported by Reuters:
“Betting market odds flip to favour Trump over Biden in U.S. election.” Way to go, Mr. President, and all the way to WIN on Election Day 2020 to Keep America Great!

Apparently, Donald Trump for President is a thing in New Hampshire.

A second public poll released this week shows the real estate mogul-turned-reality show star ahead of all other Republican presidential hopefuls except former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Earlier this week, when a Suffolk University poll showed Trump in the No. 2 spot in New Hampshire, some dismissed it as a fluke. Then on Thursday, a CNN and New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV showed the same. It is part of a one-two win for Trump this week, yet it also comes as Trump’s former business partners are moving away from the tough-talking bully and his incendiary comments about China, Mexico and immigrants.

Univision, a Spanish-language channel popular with Latinos, said it would not be broadcasting the Miss USA pageant on July 12. No matter, Trump said with typical bravado. He was still a star.

Voters in New Hampshire, at least for the moment, seem to share that view of the brash and blunt New Yorker. Jobs and the economy remain the top focus for New Hampshire Republicans, and Trump leads when voters asked who they best trust to address that subject. He also leads all others when voters were asked which candidate is least likely to act like a politician and who could handle international trade policy. He spent much of his kick-off speech railing against China, a key U.S. trading partner.

He also leads in another field: the candidate the most New Hampshire voters say they most definitely would not vote for. A full 23% of those surveyed said Trump is a non-starter. Trump is in negative territory when voters were asked their general opinion of him: 48% of New Hampshire voters see him unfavourably, while 38% look at him favourably.

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