What To Expect When Donald Trump Wins A Second Term

The United States of America President, Donald Trump Second tenure will be quite eventful if he wins the 2020 election.

Some of what to expect will include, the creation of more jobs for Americans and legal immigrants.

The Mexican wall will be completed, and more Blacks will be elevated for higher services both in the public and private sector.

The American economy will experience a significant boost. as some new companies will be born to take up superior challenges.

Some illegal immigrants will run away from the streets of America as he tights the loose ends in bitter security.

Africans Seeking to be free from tyrant rulers will be assisted immensely.

If he gets another four years in office, there’ may not be any big policy shift.


Before becoming a presidential candidate, Trump described himself as a strong abortion-rights proponent.

Trumps coming to Washington changed the Supreme Court ruling that 47 years ago established a constitutional right to abortion.

Trump also has barred federally funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions. He supports the Hyde Amendment, a series of federal laws that ban the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions except in cases of rape or incest or to save the woman’s life.

Social Security

Even before the coronavirus shutdown sent the economy on a roller coaster ride, government experts estimated that Social Security would be unable to pay full benefits starting in 2035.

The program’s insolvency date is now likely closer than that because layoffs have cut into Social Security tax collections from workers and employers.


Trump will regulate gun use in the United States after witnessing the Parkland school shooting in Florida two years ago.

Health Care

As a candidate for the White House, Trump promised that he would “immediately” replace former President Barack Obama’s health care law with a plan of his own that would provide “insurance for everybody” with lower costs.

Trump officials say the administration has made strides by championing transparency on hospital prices, pursuing a range of actions to curb prescription drug costs and expanding lower-cost health insurance alternatives for small businesses and individuals.

More details soon, as we await the final 2020 election results.

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