Revealed: Late Balarabe Musa’s Last Wish For Nigeria

The Late former governor of the old Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, last year had proposed that the south-east region should produce the next president come 2023.

According to the late governor, ” My last wish for Nigeria is to ensure equity, justice, and fairness among Nigerians and in the interest of the country in general”, he said.

” I believe that zoning the next presidency to the South East region will not only give the Igbos a sense of belonging in Nigeria but will also promote national unity and cohesion, he advised.

He further suggested that when President Muhammad Buhari completes his term in 2023, it should be the turn of the south-east to produce the next president, irrespective of which political party it would come from.

According to the Late governor, “since the North, South-West and South-South have all had a shot at the presidency, it will be morally wrong if any of the zones contest the presidency in 2023 against the South-East that has not tasted power since the return to democracy in 1999″.

” it would be selfish and unfair for any Northerner to aspire for the presidency after President Buhari completes his eight-year tenure”.

“A very sound President from the South-east Zone will take Nigeria to the next level of prosperity and peace of mind”

“An Igbo President in 2023 will mean prosperity for all because despite the North staying in power for too long, has remained the most underdeveloped region in the country”, he remarked.

” Nigeria need a change maker and I believe an Igbo man with integrity can lead the nation out of the wood and into the part of progress again”,

He, therefore, urged political parties to consider picking their presidential candidates from the south-east in 2023.

He further stated, “in my opinion, not giving the south-east region the opportunity to produce the next president is capable of causing political unrest in the country”.he warned vehemently.

Indeed, Nigeria has lost a father, a leader of the people.

Those were his last wish. May his soul rest in peace.

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