Senate Set To Screen Buhari’s Nominees For FCCPC Tribunal

The Senate on Tuesday took action on President Muhammadu Buhari’s request for confirmation of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) Tribunal nominees.

His application was forwarded to the Committee on Trade and Investment.

The nominees are to appear for screening on a date to be communicated.

They include Sadatu Mama Shafi, Chairman (North Central).

Members are George Chukwuma Mbonu, Member (South East); Thomas E. Okosun (South-South); Umar Dauda Duhu (North East); Ibrahim El-Yakubu (North West); Sola Salako Ajulo (South West); and Kenneth Tersoo Gyado (North Central).

Also today, the Senate confirmed nominations for the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB).

It followed consideration of the Senate on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions report.

Meanwhile, it appears like the APC led federal government has institutionalised, Corruption, Kidnapping, killings of innocent citizens, so said, Bishop Obinna.

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Anthony Obinna decried what he called modern inhumanities and killings without traces across the country.

The prelate noted that just like corruption, brutality and killings had been institutionalised in Nigeria.

Preaching during a Mass at Maria Assumpta Cathedral Owerri on Sunday, Obinna expressed deep concern over the daily spilling of blood in Nigeria.

The prelate, who described the situation across the country as unprecedented, said, “I’ve never seen this kind of merciless brutality, using both ordinary and mega weapons to slaughter fellow human beings”.

Obinna said the merciless killings were not only taking place in the northern part of Nigeria but across the southern part of the country and Igboland in particular.

He made reference to the killings in the North and the killing of Anambra billionaire, Chief Ignatius Adunukwe, who was slaughtered in Lagos and his body dismembered by a gang led by an Igbo man.

Archbishop Ohinna likened the current situation in Igboland to the dark days. He said before the Word of God reached this part of the world, Igboland was in total darkness, as almost everything was deified, including forests, water, amongst others, turning them into small gods, mysterious and frightening deities.

“It was this darkness that was responsible for the killing of twins, which was prevalent until the 1940s in some parts of Igboland and other outrageous practices.
“He said the word of God has come into the world, into our lives and families, seeking to enter places where there are still darkness.

Obinna regretted that some people in Igboland still prefer darkness to the Light of salvation. He observed with regret that Ndigbo, blessed both by nature and exposure and favoured with the light of faith, light of business and light of education, have slipped into darkness so much so that other nations are now pitying them.

“God blessed us in so many ways but pride, arrogance, greed and hatred even among ourselves have become a major problem,” he noted and pleaded with Ndigbo to allow the light of Christ to return to their land so that our younger generation will not have a bleak future.

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