Ric Grenell Blasts President Joe Biden For Trying To Block Former President Donald Trump From Getting Intelligence Briefings

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “National Report,” Grenell called the Trump block “unacceptable.”

“This is the game. This is how they control the narrative,” he said of Washington powerbrokers. “They think the rest of us are stupid, and so they want to spoon-feed us everything.”

“It always troubles me when insiders in Washington tried to really control and manipulate information, this is really unacceptable. There’s no reason why the Biden administration, President Biden is trying to muscle out Donald Trump, really cancel him altogether in a variety of different ways.”

Grenell also called it “infuriating” that White House press secretary Jen Psaki has now conceded that Hunter Biden has had ties in China that he is going to “unwind.”

“They think we’re stupid. They think the rest of us don’t get what they’re doing,” he said of Washington Democrats. “They live in this bubble in Washington, D.C. and they say, first of all, not to look at Hunter Biden’s laptop with all of this information because it’s Russian disinformation.”

“Ask yourself why that is now they’re admitting that ‘oh, he’s gotta unwind himself,” he added. “They just told us he didn’t have anything to do with China. Now he’s gotta unwind it and we’ve got a press corps in Washington D.C. that’s got their head in the sand. This is the problem.”

“We have a fight between Washington, D.C., elites trying to control the message … and the rest of us on the outside,” Grenell said. “It’s time Washington starts listening to us —the people who don’t live there.”

Get ready for the next big thing that will happen in Joe Biden’s administration.

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