5 Reasons Why Nigerians Are Living In Poverty

Nigeria is a great Nation with many natural resources. It is to see many Nigerians suffering living from hand to mouth on daily basis, some people if they don’t go out in a day they will not it. There are seven reasons why people are suffering.

1. Corruption from our political leaders

When one person will take the money that belongs to people and put it in his pocket. For Nigerians to be lifted from poverty our political leaders have to change. There is a lot of money in Nigeria but it is in the hand of few people.

2. Wickedness

There is so much wickedness in Nigeria, a group of people will enter the village in the night and kill everybody, for no reason. They will enter Church, mosque, or any gathering and kill people and you expect God to be happy with the Nation.

3. Laziness

Some Nigerians are lazy, that is why gambling and stealing become lucrative businesses. You see a young man wake up in the morning go to the newspaper stand and six hours arguing about football.

4. Lack of creativity

Everybody wants to do what others are doing, nobody wants to do something different. People who suppose to be job creators become job seekers. Nobody wants to think differently everybody wants to copy.

5. Financial Ignorance

Some people know how to make money but they don’t know how to make it grow, they make money and spend it, no servings no investment.

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