Canada To Suspend Entry Of International Students To Ontario, See Those Exempted

Some International students travelling to Canada will be temporarily barred from entering into Canada, but some student from some of the prestigious schools may be allowed in Ontario

The Newera News learnt that following a meeting held with the provinces on April 29, 2021, The Canadian Prime Minister,  Justin Trudeau announced that international students will temporarily not be allowed to come into Ontario.

Canada To Suspend Entry Of International Students To Ontario, See Those Exempted

In a press conference, Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters he pleaded with the prime minister to do more to combat the spread of coronavirus. He asked for the federal government to put a stop to the arrival of international students.

“Because currently, Ontario is the only province to request it, we are happy to work more closely with them,” Trudeau said in a press conference on April 29.

Neither the provincial nor federal governments have yet said when the change will take effect, nor how long it will last. The federal government has jurisdiction over entry to Canada. Any request from a province that affects international travel has to be approved and enforced by the federal government in Ottawa.

International students going to certain institutions are currently exempt from Canada’s travel restrictions. As with all non-essential travellers to Canada, they must comply with the mandatory quarantine requirements and COVID-19 tests.

Ford’s request to suspend international student travel to Ontario comes along with several pleas for tighter border restrictions. The premier also asked for land border crossers to be subject to the same three-day hotel quarantine as air travellers.

Ontario coronavirus situation

There were 4,715 new cases reported in Ontario on April 29, more than in any other province. Ontario’s hospitals admitted an all-time high number of patients in mid-April. Almost 2,400 people were hospitalized at the peak.

Ontario officials are forecasting everyone over the age of 18 will be able to book a coronavirus vaccine by May 24.

There is, therefore, no need to panic over the pandemic. Share and like our page