If Nigerians Can Listen To Pastor Kumuyi We Will Have A Better Country – Femi Adeshino

President Buhari has been heavily criticised for his “soft” action towards ending the dominance of Bandits in the country. You can’t continue to pamper terrorists and expect them to lay down their arms.

Earlier today, Pastor Mbaka called out the president to resign. He made a revelation that God is angry with the president and it would be ideal for him to tender his resignation letter. Funny, isn’t it? This is the same man that called President Buhari a “saviour” in 2015.

Nigerian Popular politician, Adesina has felt the need to react to the recent statement of Pastor Mbaka. According to him, there are some prophecies that are having great effect on the country.

People should try to listen to Pastor Kumuyi rather than accepting false utterances from certain people who call themselves “prophets”.

In his statement, Adesina said: “If only we can listen to people like Kumuyi, then we will have a better country”. It’s clear that Pastor Kumuyi has proven to be a reliable personality when it comes to given out prophecies. However, it would be unfair to label Mbaka and others “fake men” because of their inconsistencies

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