Let Biafra, Other Nations Go Eugene Mbukanma Writes Buhari

Let Biafra go is the mood of some Biafrans in Nigeria as captured by the written missive by Public Affairs Analyst, EUGENE MBUKANMA  to The President of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), through the JDPC, Archdiocese of Ibadan on why he thinks it’s time for Nigeria to break up and give freedom to Biafra and Oduduwa.

Read his statement below

The President,
Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN),
Through the JDPC,
Archdiocese of Ibadan.

Your Grace,



The Catholic church has a sacred duty to begin to organize public discourse on how to protect lives and properties in the face of the imminent Islamic Jihad in Nigeria. The church can do this through its JDPC and introduction of monthly audience with the respective Bishop of each diocese in Nigeria.

Since 1960 Independence, it has been a relentless battle of religious riots by the Islamic north against the Christian south and Igbos in particular.
(1) The Muslims of the north have relentlessly sustained their unwarranted killings of non Muslims and the non Fulanis.

(2) Over 3 million lives and properties worth billions of naira have been lost to the unwarranted relentless attacks by the Hausa-Fulani north since 1960.

(3) All political leaders on the national levels that are not Muslim or Fulani are considered not good by the Northern people and must be removed from office.

(4) In terms of federal government appointments, the Northern Muslims and Fulanis have dominated in every regime since 1960 and the present nepotistic regime of Buhari is the height of it all.

(5) Nigeria has never been one because the Hausa-Fulani north have since created their own government system under the Islamic Sharia law in their region but no other region has attempted such.

(6)In a secular nation as Nigeria is referred to, how can the northern Islamic believers be tolerated since 1960 for killing, slaughtering and destroying non Muslims and properties in the name of their Allah?. We are never one faith with them and can never be of one faith with them in their murderous and destructive beliefs. It can never work despite the church’s inter-religious activities.

(7) It is very clear that the Fulanis don’t want Western education and they will prefer their Arabic education. We can never follow their ways of education and they can never follow our western education. We can never be one with them again.

(8) It is on record that we in the south contribute over 85% of the nation’s wealth and revenue. The Fulanis contribute nothing at Island yet they want to dominate in all areas and indeed have been dominating. We can never again allow this to continue.

The strength of the Nigerian military is from the Southern and middle belt soldiers and not the Fulanis who maliciously now occupy all the important high ranking offices because Fulani Buhari is in power. This can never work and can never be allowed to continue. Their incompetence in the various offices is responsible for the current weaknesses of our military against minor insurgents groups.

(10) The level of corruption and looting of the national treasury has reached the point of the complete collapse of the economy and it is in fact irredeemable now. Nigerian currency and economy can never sustain themselves again. The external debt is an indicator of the winding up of the entire system.

(11) Total collapse of the Nigerian defence system is evident considering the inability of the military to effectively end terrorism in the Northeast since 2015 as promised by Buhari. Billions of our revenue have been wasted on this unending terrorist war in the north. Nigerian military cannot defend the territory against internal and external attacks. Contrary to what our religious leaders make us believe, Israelis have recently proved by their Iron Dome that prayer alone does defend territories or win wars.

This is the truth we must know. The Israeli system has intercepted thousands of rockets so far and, according to Rafael, its success rate is over 90%. The I-DOME is the mobile variant with all components on a single truck and C-DOME is the naval version for deployment on ships.

(12) It is a huge system error and an injustice to classify IPOB/ESN and /or Amotekun/OPC as terrorist organization by the Federal government. These are legitimate rights groups agitating legally for the self-determination of their people according to the UN rules of engagement.

The actual terrorist groups are the Fulani Miyeltti Allah who has been slaughtering innocent civilians in their own native lands and the Federal government has not classified them as terrorists or stopped them.

I, therefore, believe strongly that enough is enough and this current regime must be brought to an end because they have overstepped their bounds in nepotism and inefficiency. Nigeria from its creation by the British Colonial masters was never designed to work or function effectively for the benefits of the citizens. It was made for British interests only and it can never work as it exists today. It has to break up now into workable new nations as the Soviet Union did.

Sorry, Nigeria, but it’s time for us to break up.

There must be a conversation now about the modalities to achieve a peaceful break up of nigeria.

The conversation has to start with the somewhat difficult, uncomfortable, and unbelievable realization that we don’t like one another enough to work this out anymore.

As more and more cities and towns and villages across Nigeria descend into chaos in the wake of Fulani-herdsmen killings and kidnappings, it has become clear that it’s time for us to break up, Nigeria. And I don’t say that, just because of the surge in violent riots, but because of our growing and irreparable history of partisan and religious tensions and killings. Honestly, can anyone name an issue that the Hausa-Fulani and the Southerners can agree on?

Quick reminder: We can’t even agree on who should be permitted in a religious gathering to lead us in prayer on any given day, let alone compromise on major issues of national importance. We will always resort to a Muslim leading us to say the Islamic prayer and a Christian leading us in the Christian prayer, at the same venue for the same function. We are never one voice in speaking to God.

Before diving deeper into all the issues though, let me be crystal clear on a few things:
Igbos and Yorubas are never second class citizens as the Fulanis erroneously believe. Saying so is neither racist nor does it indicate that you are blind to racial or ethnic inequality or support one race over the other. It simply means we all matter and we all need to make this work together without shutting out other opinions and ideas. The concept of one race mattering more, or needing more attention at any given point, is implicitly nepotistic and racist. There can be no peace and progress without equal rights and justice.

And, in a similar fashion with the above point, it is okay to have different opinions or values than someone else, as long as you can be respectful of others in the process. But therein lies the problem: never have we had the days of discussions and disagreements accompanied by mutual respect. Sure, it has never happened in Nigeria since the 1914 Amalgamation and with the current regime of the Fulani oligarchs, never will it work again because of their erroneous religious beliefs and their Islamic justice system. The regime where Fulani herdsmen and unknown security operatives carry Ak47 and kill other citizens while the law enforcement and those who oppose peaceful protests go out to arrest the innocent victims of the Fulani aggression.

This of course has been happening right after burning down businesses owned by those who were already suffering like everyone else from the bad governance and COVID-caused recession. Where is the sense in any of that? There is none.

Since the #ENDSARS protest ended, we are now at the point of breaking up. The federal government has continued to live in denial and keep protecting the northern terrorists and invaders of the other people’s lands.
We have seen the partisan tension growing and it seemed to peek since Buhari a Fulani assumed office as President of Nigeria in 2015. Nigerians have been clamouring for a change in the way things are being done by the Federal government.

Some greedy and political hypocrites have been trying to impose themselves on Nigeria come 2023 but they are afraid of a simple poll to know if Nigerians will want them. For instance, the simple question now ought to be:” would you support Tinubu if he will run for President in 2023?

This is the test none of the politicians wants to hear about this in Nigeria.

As a result, there have been some momentous desperation in how things are done in some areas of political processes, while many other processes remain unaffected and still in a state of disrepair. No one president can change everything as we all know, but this Buhari regime’s level of inefficiency is quite unacceptable. There is no sensible system in place to curb insurgency and corruption which have crippled the entire system since 2015.

Why I am Convinced its Time to Break Up Nigeria – EUGENE MBUKANMA

We have seen a clearly nepotistic justice system that was fabricated to protect individuals’ best interests and what “they thought” was best for Nigeria —not what the Nigerian people want.

We have seen a Supreme Court Justice system that is corrupt and poorly constituted. And, of course, everyone knows controlling the Supreme Court is more important than the Aso rock in a normal situation. The desperate Gov. Uzodinma of Imo state is a product of this and a costly one indeed.

We have seen impeachable offences pushed under the carpet at both the states and federal levels because there was insufficient evidence. Our lawmakers Chicken away from this for selfish reasons.

PDP as the second-largest party don’t control the Senate or the lower chamber and have never given the APC regime a credible opposition to any of its deplorable and insensitive treatment of crucial national issues.
Southerners are being treated as second class citizens by the Fulanis who get protected after TERRORISING, displacing and killing other innocent citizens on their homeland. Southern Lives matter and not the terrorists the Federal government often refers to as foreign invaders with special protections.

The problem we now have at hand in Nigeria is that this Buhari administration is neither distancing itself from the actual terrorist groups nor making any efforts to stop the terrorists who are here wrecking havoc in the northern states. He is instead intimidating the rather peaceful Southeast region with his Fulani dominated military. The agenda has been revealed to be the Islamisation of Southern Nigeria. This will never work out and is further proof that it’s time to break up Nigeria.

The federal government talks about peace, law and order and promote various military operational Codes for a more conducive system, but then lose their credibility when they endorse violent crimes and hate speech towards the southerners.

I have posted my thoughts about this before and people instantly presume violence or a battle for territory, but armed conflict is neither wanted nor necessary. We don’t need to fight but we have to be Frank with one another.
And trust the Southerners to want to promote growth and development through modern technological systems and to create opportunities for the better future of every West African country.

Biafrans and Oduduwa people don’t want to fight but desire to create more metropolitan areas typical of modern societies and civilization.
Just as The USSR broke up:

Let the Catholic church begin the public awareness process because working and acting for justice is a constitutional dimension of preaching the gospel. And the true church must not fail to take a position on the matter of justice. Posterity will not be kind to us.

Finally, dear father, not taking a bold position on this matter against apparent injustices in Nigeria is an accomplice.

The situation of things is out of control now in Nigeria. Nothing can be salvaged and no restructuring can work because it was all founded on a false foundation by the British Colonial masters. And I suggest that the Holy Father the Pope and Vatican as a state, must be correctly briefed now to take a decisive step toward avoiding the greatest humanitarian crisis in human history; in an era where the UN is seemingly weak because it is dominated by Muslims who hold jihadist beliefs and principles globally.

Please note that the Catholic church can no longer queue behind the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which is clearly marred with the Nigerian factor already.

A 4-STATE solution is a way forward. This is the reality on the ground.
We must peacefully break Nigeria into:
1. the Biafra Republic.
2.Oduduwa Republic.
3. the Middle Belt Republic.
4. Arewa Caliphate of the Islamic State in the far north.

Each of these nations are feasible, viable and quite distinct in their political and social conditions and beliefs.

We are a free moral agents, we are free people not slaves.

Nigerians deserve better nation and not this expired amalgamation.