Nnamdi Kanu Will Soon Be Out of Detention – Lawyer

Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor alleged that he has received threats, and warned those targeting him to desist forthwith, describing such venture as an exercise in futility.

Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor has said that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), will soon be released.

Ejiofor gave the assurance while revealing that there were no strong allegations to convict Kanu.

In a statement he released, the lawyer disclosed that there was a great improvement in Kanu’s health condition despite the inhuman treatment he was subjected to while in Kenya.

“We’re in high spirit that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will soon come out of detention sooner than expected, and better too. It’s one thing for allegations to be made, it’s another thing to establish it. But I don’t think there’s anything strong enough to convict him.

There’s no cause for worry. His health is improving. Only that he has not been allowed access to his family, particularly his wife and children, which I see as another level of mental torture.

“But we’re doing all we can to ensure he’s transferred to appropriate custodian pending when his trial commences. We’re also making efforts to get medical experts to ensure his health gets stable,” he said.

Ejiofor also alleged that he has received threats, warned those targeting him to desist forthwith, describing such venture as an exercise in futility.

He said; “There’s no amount of intimidation or threats that can stop me from defending Nnamdi Kanu. I advise those after me to have a rethink because nobody can kill me.

“I’m a man of destiny and on a divine assignment. God has appointed me to be Kanu and IPOB’s lawyer. I’ll stand by him till victory is guaranteed. All we need from Biafrans is prayers and patience. Pray for him, and for us his lawyers too.”

On the expectations ahead of the July 26 court hearing, the IPOB lawyer said: “Nothing extraordinary will happen that day. That I can assure you. We’ll be there as usual to entertain applications. If there’s any amendment, we’ll take it up from there.

“What we have is still the 3-count charge. We also have an application overdue for hearing, that is the invasion of his house where 28 persons were killed.

“We have all the pictorial evidence. We’ll tender them before the court so the court will look at them to ensure justice.”

Meanwhile, a non-governmental and non-profit making organization, One Love Foundation, OLF, Tuesday, expressed concern over Federal Government’s approach to handling secessionists’ agitations.

This was stated by the Founder and President, OLF, Patriot Patrick Eholor while speaking on the need for the Buhari-led administration to adopt and apply former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s approach to secessionists’ agitations.

Eholor said: “Reading in between the lines, who are the real enemies of the government? The current leadership has been reiterating passionately about not letting any individual or group sabotage or perform any act that will make the government fail.

“The officials have enveloped themselves with fear or psyches of a conspiracy from perceived enemies to sabotage the government. As cynical as it might sound, there is a need to evaluate the content and context of such insinuation.

“The insecurity and secessionists situation have placed weight and toll on the functioning of the government. The secessionist’s movement has been before the present administration and has been handled and managed with a high sense of diplomacy and passive approach.

“They felt they can increase momentum feeling they are close to succeeding if they go further by inciting violence. Their activities escalated to this point of heightened insecurity across the country.

“Two different approaches and leadership skills. It worked better with the former than the present on the same issue.”

He further stated that “The resources of government now expended so heavily on controlling the situation is worrisome because damage control is not economical. The losses are so high. On the same hand, the start of the present leadership ushered in banditry, armed herdsmen and increased activities of the Boko Haram.”

He also alleged that “On the invitation of the leadership the displaced Fulanis from the Central Africa Republic, CAR, came in and constituted the menace we now know as armed herdsmen and bandits. Causing and inflicting grave havoc and mayhem all over the country. Their presence electrified the present insecurity so much.

“They have turned the country into a nightmare. The big question is who are the real enemies of the government? The ideological freedom and human rights activists or the criminal bandits and armed herdsmen kidnapping, raping and collecting ransoms. They also maim and kill Nigerians.

“Sparing the Nigeria Fulani herdsmen who have been plying their cattle business quietly, the invasion of the Fulanis from the Central Africa Republic corrupted the indigenous Fulanis whose eyes have been opened to the lucrative kidnapping and banditry ventures.

“The heightened insecurity in the country is more as a result of the infiltration of the Fulanis from the Central Africa Republic than the secessionists. They are the real enemies of the government.

“To spend so many resources to bring back a secessionist leader, and asking the Muslim cleric to negotiate with the bandits, armed herdsmen and Boko Haram is very absurd and pathetic. ”

He also added that “Protecting and negotiating with the real enemies of the government is an exposition of total lack of wisdom. For restoration of sustainable peace and development, the real enemies must be rooted out. The truth must prevail.”

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