Facts About Cockroaches and Why You Must Kill It

The fact that cockroaches can kill you and your entire family if you ignore killing them is enough to motivate you to annihilate them.

below are some hards facts you should know about roaches.

It can survive a week without its head and can survive 2weeks without water., one month without food.

It can live in your house for 3½years (maximum life span) without been detected!!

It defecates on human food and this can trigger a severe asthma attack. Spreads bacteria that can cause food poisoning and typhoid.

A cockroach can kill you If you don’t kill it first.

These things are capable of the worst things you can imagine.

They eat almost anything even fellow insects. Hair, books, sweets, meat anything- they will eat.

They are attracted to human food. They vomit on the food after eating from it and also defecate on it.

Absolutely disgusting animals I must say.

Some young cockroaches have been documented to crawl oversleeping human beings and crawl inside the ears, noses, and even open mouths.

So if you have cockroaches in your house and you sleep sometimes with your mouth open and drooling, a cockroach can scroll in for a kiss.

Cockroaches have been known to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, six parasitic worms and more than seven other types of human pathogens.

E. coli and Salmonella for example are classic causes of serious food poisoning, typhoid and diarrhoea.

So what to do?
Prevent the environment that helps them thrive. That’s the main answer.

Keep your cupboards, sinks, tables and floors clean and free of dirty plates, unused utensils and old newspapers.

Clean your dishes, food crumbs and oil spills right away once you cook.

*Always store your food in airtight containers, and never leave your food out (even if it is pet food!).*

*Storing up food in nylon bags and sacks like garri and rice is NOT the best for you. These idiots can eat through the sack and ruin that food for you.*

Don’t risk it at all

Seal cracks and gaps in walls, floors and openings around or inside cabinets.

Also make sure that you seal gaps around pipes, plumbing, wall outlets, and spaces under the doors to your house and kitchen.

From time to time, run hot water in spare bathrooms and little-used sinks.

Always check your bag and your children’s school bags when they return home, as well as your shopping items before storing them.

If despite all these measures, you still have a cockroach problem at home, contact a pest professional for assistance with elimination and prevention.

Smack with a broom. Squash with slippers. Boil in hot water. And Spray with an insecticide  if possible Kill with a gun.😂😂

Use whatever means you can but don’t ever ignore.

One cockroach can produce up to 1,000 new ones in a year to torment your life.

Kill cockroaches now Before they kill you.

So ladies and gentlemen, do the world a favour: Kill a cockroach today.

When you go to your friends house, as a show of goodwill, kill a cockroach.

When you go to your partner’s house, as a show of love, kill a cockroach.

Wherever you go, and you find one-
kill it. Just do it. Because tomorrow may be too dangerous and risky.