Making Money With Nova-Prime Made Easy

Nova Prime Network is the new  Money Minting Machine used by selected few around the world today with almost 99.9 percent accuracy today.

You may ask, what is this machine is all about? The Machine is Nova Prime. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based business that completely transforms the way people trade and make lots of money.

With a decade’s worth of experience in Forex and Crypto Trading, we’re completely innovating the way people make money through trading. As it currently stands with cryptocurrency, 95% of crypto traders lose their money. In terms of Forex trading, 70% to 80% of beginner traders lose their money and immediately give up. To counteract this trend of both losing money and quitting the trade altogether, Nova Prime designed an Artificial Intelligence beast to help traders actually make money. Click here to register and start making money today.

After years of development, testing, reprogramming, and successful outcomes, Nova Prime is officially at the starting line of helping individuals trade like they never thought possible. Some trading processes often become monotonous to those who are frustrated with constantly losing money – but that’s where Nova Prime comes in.

We want to expose people to the magic of Artificially Intelligent trading that allows them to skip the difficult, monotonous part and move right to the money-making part. Using our specially developed robot, Optimus Prime, people can now cash in on weekly profits. What’s more, traders don’t need any trading experience at all as Optimus Prime has all the experience of analyzing Forex and Cryptocurrency markets and trading accordingly.

This means traders don’t need the experience to trade, making it less likely that they will lose money and quit – all thanks to Optimus Prime.

Our Mission

It can take quite a while for a beginner to learn about Forex and Cryptocurrency trading and to build a solid trading foundation. Nova Prime’s mission is to help beginners and experienced traders alike make the trading process simple and profitable using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence in the form of our robot, Optimus Prime.

Our Vision

To continuously enhance and develop Optimus Prime in order to make Forex and Crypto trading an enjoyable and achievable practice. Register here and start making money today

Founder & CEO

Boasting more than a decade’s worth of experience, Nova Prime founder and CEO, Ms. Suhayla Hareb Al Khuzai, regards herself as an autonomous woman. A fruitful business visionary, Ms. Suhayla has already run various divisions in multiple organisations – including Forex and Crypto trading. With a passion for Artificial Intelligence and impressive skill in trading, Ms. Suhayla vision is to continue creating and advancing AI technology into the trading sphere.

Ms. Suhayla started her profession with a Forex trading business in 2005, which inevitably and rapidly transformed into an AI-based company. This was very much a fitting transition for her, as she’d always been very electrodork. She understands the difficulty of starting and persisting through the trading process, because she was there herself – but thanks to her perseverance, she can now create innovations to help others get their feet through the trading door without struggling or giving up. As she continues her work with Artificial Intelligence development, she strongly encourages aspiring traders and investors to take full advantage of Nova Prime’s trading bot, Optimus Prime.

Nova Prime Products

Nova Prime has three fundamental products that combine into a fully functional and technologically advanced project. These include Forex, Crypto, and Artificial Intelligence trading – which is where our smart AI robot, Optimus Prime, comes into play. The revolutionary creation is going to change the way people trade…

Forex Trading

The world’s smartest AI-based trading robots, Like Nova, are intelligent computer programs built upon pre-defined algorithms. Our robot, Nova, is uniquely capable of making smart investment decisions on autopilot, without human/trader intervention. Robots use machine precision to help traders understand whether they should buy or sell specific currency pairs, and at what time. Nova is your trusted expert in various trading styles, including Scalping – profiting from small price changes (usually once a profitable trade is in motion). With Nova’s clear and strict exit strategies in tow, you’ll never have to worry about significant losses wreaking financial havoc. With Nova’s Scalp and Position expertise, you’ll build small gains with time.

With so many currencies out there – as well as constant market fluctuations – traders need to know the ins and outs of markets to truly make a notable profit from Forex trading. Another option, of course, would be to use a simpler, more effective, and less risky option – like Artificial Intelligence. This makes Forex trading extremely effective when traders want real results.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allows individuals to buy goods and services or trade them. This form of payment works using the blockchain, which manages and records transactions. Cryptocurrency trading is the process of speculating crypto price movements. This means that individuals can buy, or ‘go long’, if a certain currency seems to be a rising value.

If it seems a certain currency is going to fall, individuals can also sell the currency. This process, however, can be challenging when individuals aren’t quite sure how to analyse certain trends and fluctuations. With AI technology, these trends and fluctuations are analysed automatically, meaning users don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get to know the crypto market.

 Nova AI Trading – Nova Prime

Through numerous sentiment analyses, coupled with machine learning, this revolutionary robot works directly on the Crypto and Forex market trade and can generate weekly profits for individuals who want a head start in the trading environment. Nova Prime created the Optimus Prime bot with one major goal in mind – to make trading a successful venture for anyone. Register and start your money-making Journey here

Optimus Prime analyses the market, whether Crypto or Forex, in real-time, detects patterns in multiple dimensions, and make trades accordingly. Furthermore, our Optimus Prime bot never sleeps, which means it continues trading even when the trader is offline. This incredible piece of AI technology has the ability to do much more than the average human – using special strategic tools to make informed trades that benefit the actual trader.

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