See What Antonio Conte Said on Oliver Skipp And How He Can Improve Him And Tottenham

See What Antonio Conte Said on Oliver Skipp And How He Can Improve Him And Tottenham

Here’s every single word the Tottenham Hotspur boss said following the 2-0 win against Brentford in the Premier League on Thursday.

What was different tonight after the defeat against Mura?

The difference was before all the final results because today we won and in Slovenia, it was a really bad defeat for everyone, for everyone.

think that you can learn a lot more about a loss than a win, but for sure, the defeat hurt us against Mura. Today is a good win.

To get three points is not easy against Brentford, I have seen a good team, well organised, very dangerous in set pieces, but today we showed a great desire to get three points, a great desire to win.

We fight to win the tackles and we were very, very concentrated. For sure we can improve. We have a lot of space for improvement in possession.

Without the ball, I think we did very well. We put pressure from the start until the end. I want to see this without the ball, to press the ball and make it difficult for the opponents to play the ball.

For sure we have to continue to work and to improve in many aspects.

Skipp, Skippy, Skipp (laughs) played a really good game in the same way with the other teammates.

I think this player is very young. He has really a lot of space for improvement. He played with great intensity, great passion, with heart, with soul. I think it was important because for me he doesn’t care if he’s only 21-years-old, who deserves to play.

Today he played well. I think that I can improve him a lot in possession and technically, to look before the play that they have to do. We’re talking about an important prospect and I’m very happy for him, but now he has to continue in this way.

It looked like he was playing in a more advanced role today, more creatively, was that something you discussed before the game?

For sure and he has to improve with the ball, no? In possession. This player, without the ball, works very, very hard. To have him in the midfield together with Hobby is very, very important.

For sure, the part that he has to improve is with the ball but in one month I have seen a lot of improvement about Skippy. He’s a player who wants to improve.

I think that the present and the future depends on him. If he wants to become a top midfielder, he could become a top midfielder, but he has to continue to work. He has this will, this desire to become an important player for Tottenham and for the present and for the future.

Did you see the benefit of not playing Burnley in the end to have an extra day on the training ground?

I think that not playing against Burnley, we were disappointed because we wanted to play but the Premier League made the best decision to save the players and for the fans

But on the other hand, having the possibility to have a training session was important because we worked together.

We worked on the physical aspect and tactical aspect and it was very, very important for us.

I have to be honest to tell you that we exploited this situation. Every single moment we have, we have to exploit and try to improve and try to bring my philosophy into the mind of all my players.

Was the second goal exactly the kind of football you want your team to play on a regular basis?

I think that we have to be good in both situations. When we have space, in this case, I think this team is very good because in front we have players with quality but at the same time, fast players. Very good at exploiting space.

At the other end, we have to try to improve when we don’t find the space to move the ball better, to find the right solution, because, during the training session, we’ll have a session to find the right solution in both situations.

See What Antonio Conte Said on Oliver Skipp And How He Can Improve Him And Tottenham

With space and without space, this team has the characteristics to exploit this situation. Without space, we have to improve, but for the second goal, our players showed great quality and Harry made a fantastic play to send Sergio and then Sergio made a fantastic ball for Son.

What you need to know about him

Antonio Conte is the brother of Gianluca Conte (Technical Coach Tottenham Hotspur). More News. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Tactical shortcomings? Solskjaer lost …
Avg. the term as coach: 1.10 Years
Preferred formation: 3-5-2 flat
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